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The effects of water purifiers

III. Entrance to the Baptistery

9. After you approach also saw the fountain, also saw the bishop near the source. I can not put in your mind no doubt that had the same feeling that it was Naaman the Syrian, because, although it was purified before hesitated. Why? I'll tell you, listen.

10. Entering and saw the water and saw the bishop saw the Levite, I fear that maybe someone had said: "That's it?" Certainly, that's all; truly this is all because there is all innocence, all mercy, all grace, all sanctification. Saw what he could see with the eyes of the human body and eyes; you do not see what operates, but what you see. Things are much larger than those that are not are because we see things happen, but we do not last forever (2 Corinthians 4:18).

IV. Excel lence foothold Christian sacraments

11. Therefore, say first -Save guarantee my word and calls me-the- "We admire the mysteries of Jewish granted ais our parents; • lenses are excellent, above all, by Age foothold same sacraments; then for their holiness. "I promise you that the Christian sacraments are divine and the oldest Jewish foothold.

12. What is more remarkable than the fact that the Jewish people crossed the sea to be able to speak at this time, about baptism? So far, all the Jews who died went axis desert. On the other hand, who happens to this source, ie from earthly things to heavenly -since this is a transit, ie Easter, it means "the transit sen," the passage of the sin life, due to the grace of the sanctity filth, who happens to this source does not die, but revives.

V. The effects of water purifiers

13. Naaman, therefore, was a leper. A slave says to his wife: "Let my lord, if you want to be purified, go to the land of Israel, and there you will find one who can take his leprosy." She speaks to her mistress: the wife, husband; Naaman, the king of Syria, which, as I had it in high esteem, sent to the king of Israel. This felt that he had been sent someone to clean the leprosy, and rips his mantle. Then the prophet Elisha sends him to say: "What's that rip the mantle as if there were a mighty God to purify a leper? Send me »shipped. On arriving there, the prophet says: "See, the lower Jordan dives there and be healed."

14. Eli began to think and say: "That's it? I came from Syria sons in the land of Judea, and I say, "Go to Jordan dives there and be healed?" As if there were no rivers to better my country. "The servants said to him," Lord, Why not do what the prophet said? Rather do it and test it. "Then he went to the Jordan, they came out and plunged cured.

15. What does it mean, then, why? Saw the water, but not all water cures, but healthy water that brings the grace of Christ. One thing is the element; another consecration; a the act; another result. The event itself is water; it is the result of the Holy Spirit. The water is not healthy if the Holy Spirit descended and no one has consecrated water, tai as you read that when our Lord Jesus Christ, in instituting the rite of baptism, came to John, and John said: "I am I need you who beat me. As you come to me? ". Jesus answered, "I will do now. It should thus fulfilling all that God wants "(Mt 3.14 to 15). Notice how all justice has been focused on baptism.

16. For what reason Christ went down to the Jordan if it was not for this cam was purified took flesh of our condition? It was not necessary, in fact, Christ purification foothold sins he did not commit sin (1 Pet 2:22), but that it was necessary for us, we who remain subject to sin. Consequently, if baptism is for us, for us was instituted the rite: this rite was proposed in our faith.

17. Christ came down. John baptizing Slavic right, and behold the Holy Spirit descended in the form of a dove. "It came down a dove, but as a dove. Remember what I said. Christ took flesh as meat not. But the reality of this meat. The Holy Spirit, however, came down from heaven in the form of a dove, pigeon does not in reality but in the appearance of a dove. So John saw it and was believed.

18. Beneath Christ, the Holy Spirit came down also. Why Christ came down first, then the Holy Spirit, when the rite of baptism and practice mean that, before the source is consecrated and then go down who should be baptized? Indeed, as soon as it enters the bishop does exorcism according to the creature that is water; After the invocation and prayer so that the source is sanctified, and there is the presence of the eternal Trinity. Christ, however, went down before; followed the Holy Spirit. For what reason? So that does not seem as if the Lord Jesus needed the mystery of sanctification, but who he was sanctified, and along with it the Spirit also sanctified.

19. Therefore, Christ came down to the water and the Holy Spirit descended in the form of a dove there. Father God also speaks from heaven. Here you have the presence of the Trinity. (...)

(St. Ambrose of Milan. The Sacraments.Book I)

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