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Catechesis following the baptism rites

Leaving the baptismal pool, you were the priest Consider what came next. It is what it says and psalmist: It is precious ointment on the head, going down the beard, running down Aaron's beard. It is the salve that says the Song of Songs: Your name is like a fragrant balsam, and the maidens love you. How many souls are now full of love renovated to you, Lord Jesus, they tell you: Arrástranos behind you; we will run after the smell of your garments, attracted by the smell of your resurrection! Strive to penetrate the meaning of this rite, because the sage takes the eyes in the face.

This ointment goes down the beard, that is, for your renewed youth, and the beard of Aaron, because you become elected, priestly, beautiful race. All, indeed, we are anointed the grace of the Spirit to be members of the kingdom of God and part of his priesthood. After that, you received the white garment, as a sign that you were stripped sheath sin and you were wearing clothes caste of innocence, in accordance with what the psalmist says Purge me with hyssop and I shall be clean; wash me and I shall be whiter than snow. Indeed, both the old law and the gospel refer to the spiritual cleansing that has been baptized: the old law, because Moses sprinkled the blood of the lamb, using a bunch of hyssop; the Gospel, because Christ's garments were white as snow, when he showed the glory of his resurrection. He whom sins are forgiven is whiter than snow. Thus says the Lord through Isaiah: Though your sins be as purple, they whiten as snow.

The Church, adorned with these garments, thanks to the bath of rebirth, says with words from the Song of Solomon: I am dark, but lovely, daughters of Jerusalem. Morena by the fragility of the human condition, beautiful by grace; brown because it consists of sinners, beautiful men in the sacrament of faith. Girls Jerusalem, stunned to see these clothes, saying, "Who is this coming up shining whiteness? Before it was dark, where this sudden whiteness? " And Christ, contemplating his Church with white robes-he, who by his love took a dirty suit, as the prophet Zechariah says, contemplating his soul clean and washed by the washing of regeneration, says: How beautiful You, my beloved, how beautiful you are! Your eyes are doves, under whose looks down from heaven the Holy Spirit.

Recall then that you have received the seal of the Spirit, the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of prudence and wisdom, the spirit of counsel and courage, the spirit of knowledge and fear of the Lord, and keep what you have received. Father God has sealed you, Christ the Lord has confirmed you and has placed in your heart, as his pledge, the Spirit, as the Apostle teaches you.

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