The soul

In the intellectual, own level of human beings, this instinctive circuit is definitely broken as freely choose the means by which the living being is maintained in the world. Classical philosophy called soul to the vital principle is constituted as prime act of being alive and all its powers. Do not imagine, as often happens, that the soul is a kind of added substance to be alive, but simply designates the degree of unity that expresses your body. Who serves is all substance.

Thus, it is not the eyes that see, but our whole being "seen" through the eyes. These powers or faculties when they are spiritual demonstrate the highest level of unity. Our objectives or that are instinctive, pass through freedom and learning. A child learns everything, even the most clearly sensitive or instinctive actions such as walking or eating. In this spiritual level instinctive circuit is totally broken. Some say that thought is, in this sense, more radical than biology.

Martin Buber in his book What is man? Asserts that anthropology is called to know the whole man. Called dualisms have significance in the history of anthropology a subtle way of denying the person as integral reality, exaggerating aspects of his unit, although part of his being, are only aspects of their existential unity. Thus we see as Kant says in his Critique of Pure Reason that "I think is the only text of rational psychology based on which it must develop its wisdom"; thus the object of psychology is a thinking that has no reference in the outer experience. Indeed, later, as Hegel says this would build an "abstract metaphysics of understanding and not a true philosophy of spirit".

The anthropological dualism often forget that every person is a unitary block, one holder who own activities, passions or bodily and mental states. Thomas clearly states that man is not an animal but realities stimulus and the duality of different operations should not imply dualism of substances. For traditional anthropology, the spirit is not a "pure" spirit but rather a soul that "encourages" making the human body and in turn the body is not just a "cluster" of physical parts but a lively mood and body. (...)

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