Unpublished: St Agustin 2

De Agone Christiano Liber Unus. PL 40. El combate cristiano (Obras de San Agustín BAC Tomo XII. Tratados Morales)

Convenience of the incarnation of God to liberate man

12. really are fools who say, Could not divine wisdom free man but otherwise assuming the man, born of a woman, both suffering from sinners? To them we say: He could perfectly. But if he had done otherwise, it would also upset your foolishness. If he had not appeared in the eyes of sinners, they had not been able to see her, visible to the inside but invisible to the eye corruptible minds eternal glory.

But now, deigning instruct his visible to prepare us to the invisible appearance, dislike the greedy because he did not have a body of gold, dislike unclean because he was born of woman, and the impure hate so much that women conceive and give light, he dislikes the haughty because patiently suffered injuries, upsets foodies because it was haunted, and dislike the fearful because he suffered death. And lest it seem that defend their vices, they say it does not dislike in men, but in the Son of God. They do not understand what the eternity of God took the man, or what is the same human being, that these mutations was led back to its former strength, for us to learn, by divine teaching that the disease contracted by the sin is cured with virtue. So, we are also showing what degree expiration man reached for his sin, and how fragile was released with divine help. That the Son of God took the man and he suffered human ailments.

This medicine of mankind is so high that we can not even imagine. For what pride it can be cured if not cured with the humility of the Son of God? What greed can be cured if not cured poverty of the Son of God? What anger can be cured if not cured with patience the Son of God? What wickedness can be cured if not cured by the charity of the Son of God? Finally, what fear can be cured if not cured the bodily resurrection of Christ the Lord? Levante mankind hope and recognize its nature and see what occupies high place among the works of God. Do not despise you, sirs !, as the Son of God made man. Do not you despise, oh !, women as the Son of God was born of woman. But do not carnal love, then, the Son of God, we are neither male nor female. Love not temporal things, because if they could directly love, the man she had loved assumed by the Son of God. Do not fear the reproach neither cross nor death, because if not to harm the man had suffered the man who took the Son of God.

All this exhortation now everywhere is proclaimed and venerated, who heals all obedient soul, would not take human lives if they had not done all those things that displease both fools. Who are you deign to imitate the ambitious pride, to get to like virtue, if it is ashamed to imitate him, of whom it was said, before birth, which will be called Son of the Most High, and in fact this is already called by all peoples, which no one can deny? If so highly of ourselves, worthy imitate him who he is called Son of the Most High. If we have in little, we dare imitate the publicans and sinners that He imitated all medicine Oh advantage.

Reduces all tumors, purifies all rot, suppresses everything superfluous, preserves everything necessary, repair everything lost everything corrects depraved! Who will be proud against the Son of God? Who despaired of themselves when the Son of God wanted to be so weak for him? Who will the happy life in those things that the Son of God taught to despise? What adversities assign, who believes that human nature was preserved by the Son of God, among many persecutions? Who think they have closed the kingdom of heaven, when he knows that the tax collectors and the prostitutes imitated the Son of God? And what evil will not deliver those who contemplate, love and imitate the words and deeds of the man in which the Son of God offered us an example of life?

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