Unpublished: St. Ambrose of Milan

Book One I. Faith is prior to baptism. The baptismal anointing

1. Start the catechesis of the sacraments; catechesis that have already received, but which could not be fully explained before. Faith is the first step in the Christian life. Therefore, in Rome, those who have been baptized are also called "faithful" and our father Abraham was justified by faith, not by works. Therefore, you have been baptized, you have received the faith. Shall I not judge otherwise, for you even would have been called to grace you if Christ had not deemed worthy.

2. Therefore, what did we do on Saturday? Undoubtedly, the opening: the mysteries of the opening took place when Bishop touched you ears and nose. What does this mean? In the Gospel, our Lord Jesus, when he had a deaf-mute, touched his ears and mouth. The ears, because he was deaf; mouth, that was dumb. And "said Effetha (Mk 7.33). It is a Hebrew word which in Latin means adaperire ('open'). The bishop then touched her ears, that his ears were opened to the word and the council of the bishop.

3. But I ask, "Why is your nose?" There, in the Gospel, he touched his mouth because he was dumb, so that, as he could not speak of heavenly sacraments, received the voice of Christ. And there because he was a man; here, because women are also baptized, and purity of the servant is not as big as the Lord -for when he forgives sins, and that you are forgiven; Can they be compared? -; therefore, in consideration of the act and the gift, the bishop did not touch your mouth, but the nose. Why the nose? So you can get the aroma of eternal mercy and can say: we are the aroma that Christ gives God (2 Co 2:15), just as the holy Apostle said, and has in you the full fragrance of faith and devotion.

III. Check or baptistery. Promises

A. We arrived at the source. You came; You were anointed. Think about what you saw, think about what you said, remember carefully. Exits to your meeting a Levite, a priest welcomes you. You were anointed as an athlete of Christ, as if you had to make a fight against this world. Profession did fight your fight. Who knows what awaits fight him, where there is fighting, there is a crown. Struggles against the world, but you're crowned by Christ, and you are crowned by sustained fighting against this world. For though the prize is heaven, here is deserving of the award.

5. When I asked, "Do you renounce the devil and all his works?" What answer? Yup. I give up. "" Do you renounce the world and its pleasures? "What answer? Yup. I give up. " Remember the word, and never forget all your commitments. If you give someone a document signed by you, you're forced him to receive his money; you remain tied, and the creditor, if you resist, you require. If protests, takes you to a judge and there is evidence of your lack the warranty document that you signed.

6. Think where you made your promises or those that have done. He wears a coat, but a minister of Christ. You saw what their ministry at the altar. Therefore, the document signed by you is not stored in the earth, but in heaven. Think where you receive the heavenly sacraments. If here is the body of Christ, are also angels. Where the body is, there the eagles (Mt 24,28) have read in the Gospel meet. Where is the body of Christ, there is also the eagles often fly to shun earthly, and head heavenly things. Why do I say this? For even men are angels proclaim Christ, and because it seems that they are admitted to the place of angels.

7. In what way? Listen. John the Baptist was the son of man and woman. However, listens as he also is an angel: I send an angel before me to prepare the way (Mt 11,10). And get another test. The prophet Malachi says that the priest's lips custodian science and law from his mouth is claimed, it is an angel of God Almighty (Ml 2.7). It says all this that proclaim the glory of the priesthood, not because something is attributed to our personal merits.

8. Therefore, you renounce the world, about to give up the century. Do not dawdle: who owes money always think of your warranty. And you, you need to faith in Christ, retains faith, which is much more precious than money, because faith is the eternal heritage; money, time. And you always remember what you have promised, you will be wiser. If you fulfill your promise, you will also have your warranty.

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